The One Nail Polish Color You Need to Buy in 2019

If your manicurist already has the bottle of Ballet Slippers waiting for you when you walk in the nail salon, it might be time to try out another neutral. That’s where 2019’s trendiest nail polish color will come in handy. Skip the pink-nudes, toss your midnight black varnish to the side, and opt for a subtle yet incredibly chic bottle of gray.

Yes, gray. Popping up on models’ hands at the Spring/Summer 2019 runway shows back in September, the moody, simplistic yet sophisticated nail color was a trend we had to forecast immediately.

“Gray has been a neutral choice in fashion for a while because it is very versatile and doesn’t overpower or conflict with any other pop-up colors you might have,” Amy Lin says, the founder of Sunday Studio Nail Salon in New York City. “It works the same way on the nails. It makes your hands and outfit look beautiful in a subtle way.”

Shades of gray, among other neutrals like white and muted blue, also happen to be the shining stars in essie’s latest nail polish collection, Serene Slates, which is inspired by the concept of digital detox. 

To help you hop on the trend early (and save you from staring at the polish wall at the salon for 30 minutes), we rounded up six of the best gray nail polishes to shop now. 

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