The Best Drugstore Face Washes According to Dermatologists

Splurging on a fancy face mask or serum is one way to indulge in a little self-care. But on the other hand, finding effective, affordable skincare products at the drugstore can be just as magical. After all, who doesn’t like saving money?

Take face washes for example. Whether you’re prone to breakouts or have seriously sensitive skin, you can find cleansers for every skin type and concern at your local drugstore. Convenient? Yes, but think about it: You’ll also never feel bad about rinsing off your reasonably-priced face wash and watching it go down the drain.

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The only problem with drugstore cleansers is there’s so many options. That’s why we polled top dermatologists to find out the formulas they trust and recommend to their patients, so you can skip the trial and error that comes with finding the right face wash. 

Keep scrolling for the eight best drugstore face washes to use, according to dermatologists. 





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