Bella Hadid and Just About Every Hollywood Star Owns These 55 Sneakers

Usually when we see photos of stars chilling on yachts in the south of France, they’re wearing fancy sandals. But not Bella Hadid. The model made an appearance at a Tag Heuer event in a pair of classic high-top Converse sneakers ($55;

Obviously, she isn’t the first star to fall in love with Converse. We’ve seen many stars make these classic sneakers look wildly stylish over the years. Millie Bobby Brown and Hailee Steinfeld have both worn them on the red carpet. And even Madonna has been known to rock out on stage in a bedazzled pair.

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What’s so great about them? For one, they’re affordable. A pair typically goes for as low as $50, meaning you can easily dress just like your favorite star without having to break the bank. Yes, we know A-listers love their Gucci slides, but this is an affordable look we can get on board with.

Click through to see your favorite stars wearing Converse.

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