Aly Raisman on Wellness Meditation and Fitness

A six-time Olympic medalist, Aly Raisman spent decades pushing her body to its limits, exercising every day as a professional gymnast. Today she’s taking a kinder approach to caring for her body and mind.

“Last year, speaking out [about sexual abuse within USA Gymnastics] took so much out of me that I could barely work out,” Raisman says. “Now I’m listening to what my body needs.” And that could mean anything from alternating between the treadmill and the elliptical in 10-minute bursts to following a 20-minute yoga video on YouTube or boxing with a partner (“That turns into a therapy session where I’m talking and boxing at the same time,” she says). “It’s nice to have that balance. I feel healthy and more myself.”

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Here, the moves and methods that keep her mind and body in shape.

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