7 Pairs of Snow Boots from Nordstrom That Have Near Perfect Ratings

If you live in an area where winter weather strikes, finding a pair of durable snow boots that will actually keep your feet warm and dry is probably at the top of your shopping list. But with so many styles available, especially at a store as big as Nordstrom, finding the right pair of boots can feel overwhelming.

Instead of wasting time and money buying winter boots that aren’t as insulated or waterproof as they claim, we turned to reviews from real customers who shop at one of our favorite retailers, Nordstrom. Not only do these best-selling boots have near perfect ratings, but according to reviews, these shoes also equal parts cute, cozy, and weatherproof—making them the best options for braving blizzard-like conditions.

From fleece-lined booties to fuzzy waterproof wedges, these are the top-rated snow boots that will keep your feet nice and toasty for the rest of the season.

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