12 Irresistibly Cute Spring Bag Trends to Shop Right Now

Despite feeling like we’ll be holed up in our homes indefinitely, quarantine won’t last forever. At some point in the (hopefully near) future, things will begin returning to normal, full of actual work days, brunches, and in-person happy hours. Until then? We’ll have had plenty of time to plan out our warm weather outfits — including which bags we’ll wear with our sundresses and carrot-leg jeans.

For 2020, the best spring bag trends include a little something for everyone. Are you into prints? You might want to try a statement-making graphic or stick with classic snakeskin. Hoping to take your look to the next level? Go with a whimsical shape, such as an animal or a star, and embrace texture with a fuzzy or feathered purse. Plus, if teeny tiny micro bags aren’t your thing, a variety of supersized options were also spotted on the runway.

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No matter your taste, take a look at the 12 best bag trends worth adding to your wardrobe, then shop our picks so you’re well prepared.

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