The 6Treatment That Khloe Kardashian Uses to Prevent Stretch Marks

Grab your debit cards. Khloé Kardashian‘s stretch mark cream is too affordable to pass up. And there isn’t just one amazing formula on her bathroom shelf—she revealed all of her favorites on her app and website today, so consider this your lucky day.

“While I love my bump, I don’t want the stretch marks that come with it,” the Kardashian explains. “So I’ve been using a bunch of oils and lotions to prevent them. I use different ones throughout the day, or every other day.” Of course the expectant mother has access to the best of the best beauty products in the world, but one of her go-tos for preventing stretch marks is a tried-and-true brand that you can find for less than $10 in your local drugstore.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter

Available at
| $6

Palmer’s is known for creating skin-healing lotions that can help reduce flakiness caused by eczema and redness from rosacea. But the brand’s biggest claim to fame are the stretch mark-reducing formulas. Kardashian is keeping a tin of the Palmer’s Tummy Butter ($6; on deck. She’s also rubbing these awesome formulas on her belly, too.

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