The 5 Products Worth Buying from The Ordinary

There’s nothing ordinary about The Ordinary. Deciem‘s skincare brand disrupted the beauty industry by creating a line of research-based, active ingredient-focused products that are sold in minimalist packaging at less than $15 a pop. 

The unbelievably-affordable prices seem too-good-too-be true, but there isn’t a catch: The Ordinary’s products are effective, and the lineup includes options that target every common skin concern from aging to acne. The only problem is that their tricky, scientific names can be tough to navigate and can also make you feel like you’re back in your AP chemistry class. 

No sweat if you don’t know your way around acids and retinoids, though. From an anti-aging serum to moisturizer, this is a breakdown on the five best-selling, fan-favorite products from The Ordinary that treat some of the most common skincare concerns. 

If you’re new to The Ordinary, the following five products are worth buying. 

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