T.I. Settles With Restaurant Employees for $75,000 in Unpaid Wages


Settles with Restaurant Employees

$75k In Unpaid Wages

6/12/2018 5:37 PM PDT


T.I. will need to dive into his own pockets to pay the unpaid wages of his restaurant employees who lost their jobs when it closed its doors.

Tip just settled with 9 of 11 employees who went after him after his Scales 925 shut down in 2016. Each will get $8,333.33 in unpaid money … totaling about $75,000. The rapper is also on the hook for another $25,000 in attorney’s fees — do the math and it’s right around $100,000.

As for his part — T.I. claimed he wasn’t a bad restaurant owner — he says he put a manager in charge who siphoned money to line his own pockets.

Now back to the whole situation with Houston’s … 

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