8 Incredible Body Lotions with Clean Natural Ingredients

Right there next to meal prepping and not dropping all my spending money in Zara, my 2019 New Year’s Resolutions list also includes diving deeper into the clean, non-toxic beauty realm and making at least one swap in my routine.

Because I’ve heard the phrase “the skin is the largest organ” five million and three times over my career as a beauty editor, I decided that clean body lotion, free of controversial ingredients, was a solid first pick. After all, it’s the product that covers the most surface area and spring (which means no tights and plenty of ankle exposure) has finally arrived. 

My search was successful — in fact, I actually ended up finding several ultra-moisturizing alternatives to my go-to conventional body lotion

Keep scrolling to check out all eight products I can’t stop recommending to my friends and family. 

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